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The 38th China International Furniture Fair(Shanghai)

Add time:2016-09-14  Category:News  

Share with Innovation, Serve for the Industry

The 38th CIFF (Shanghai) came to a successful end on September 10, 2016. With 2,000 exhibitors and 48 seminars and activities, the four-day event presented an amazing feast to the global furniture industry. For the second time CIFF took place in Hongqiao. It attracted 84,696 professional visitors, with an increase of 9,574 over last year. This number is perhaps less breathtaking than the hundreds of thousands of visits or billions’ RMB deals that happened to some exhibitions. However, the progress indeed reflects a growing business value of CIFF as a trade oriented furniture show. As is CIFF’s principle: always concentrate on the needs of exhibitors and visitors, it stands by the industry and develops together with the industry so that all parties can share a win-win outcome.

Sharing 1: Resource sharing promotes trade exchange.
As a premium furniture trade show, CIFF (Shanghai) always promotes common prosperity among exhibitors and visitors. It facilitates information exchange and business matching, making trade smooth and effective. This year it offered a “Buyer Data Package” to exhibitors before the show. With the package, they could better understand the market and thus introduce suitable products to the show. CIFF (Shanghai) also designed customized visiting routes for buyers according to their purchase demand. This helped them identify the right partners more efficiently. During the show, a business matching event was successfully launched, drawing a large crowd of participants. With rounds of intense networking, many of them reached satisfactory deals. Zuoyou, a furniture manufacturer in South China, was excited to receive a big order from an Indian buyer. Mr. Thulani, a representative from the Ministry of Small Business Development in South Africa, also found the suitable furniture suppliers for schools in his country. In addition, CIFF(Shanghai) invited a number of professional buyer groups, such as European and American dealers and government procurement delegations. This helped brought actual benefits to exhibitors. Although the 38th session was concluded, CIFF (Shanghai) will continue to share resources as a win-win platform for furniture suppliers and buyers.

Sharing 2: Events sharing turns design into business.
CIFF (Shanghai) is not just an incubator for trade cooperation. It is also a grand stage for industry communication. The 38th session organized 48 brilliant activities, including design displays, expert seminars, guests dialogues and fashion show. All the events focused on industry needs and trends. The EAST Design Show shared fascinating colors and the best oriental furniture design. The China Tour of Pinnacle Awards by American Society of Furniture Designers debuted in CIFF(Shanghai), sharing design pieces that are mass-produced and highly popular in the US. Famous scholars, economists and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss heated themes, sharing insights on “Supply-side Reform & Distribution Innovation for China’s Furniture Market”, “Intelligent Industry Upgrading and Transformation” and “Made in China 2025”. The Office Life Theme Pavilion shared an integrated office environment of human factors, ergonomics, green requirements, smart trends, space mix & match and fashion. The “Furniture ·Harbour Story” launched “Alpod --- a mobile home” to share a futuristic open living space. Driven by market demand and featured by crossover integration, the on-site events helped inspire the industry and foster common development.

Sharing 3: Value Sharing earns industry recognition.
As a national team of China’s exhibition industry, CIFF(Shanghai) embodies the spirit of serving the people. With great respect for exhibitors, there is no bundle sales of booths or advertisement and no increase in price. In CIFF, exhibitors are real masters.

HTL: CIFF (Shanghai) is very good. The visitors we’ve met showed clear intention to work with us. We will grow together with CIFF.

Innovation Furniture: CIFF (Shanghai) is pretty busy this year. We have received a lot of clients in the past two days. They pay much attention to our products. This is a lot better than we expected. We will continue to support CIFF in the future.

Inspiration Furniture: Compared with last year, the 38th CIFF (Shanghai) is much more crowded. We have received more overseas orders than we expected. Our domestic sales has also increased rapidly. As a manufacturer, we are very satisfied with the results!

Tekni: Compared with the previous session, the 38th CIFF (Shanghai) is far more popular. Our booth sees a lot more visitors. We are confident to find the suitable partners.

Steel-land: The 38th CIFF (Shanghai) is more mature than last year. The organizer has introduced us a lot of overseas buyer groups. This effectively helps promote domestic brands.

To enhance visitor experience, CIFF (Shanghai) provided classy brands, excellent events and services. With new products and design, one visit offers multiple benefits!

Indian visitor: I am interested in modern furniture. CIFF (Shanghai) is very international. It is what we need.

Australian visitor: We are looking for trendy design. There are many good products here. We will keep following CIFF(Shanghai).

Mexican visitor: The International Hall and Design Hall offer many original design. This is most interesting to me. I thank CIFF (Shanghai).

Soft decoration designer from Guangzhou: The 38th CIFF (Shanghai) offers a complete range of products. It keeps pace with the times. I have found a lot of products I like. It’s a rewarding visit.

Home furnishing buyer from Suzhou: I attended CIFF (Shanghai) last year. This year there are more exhibits and exhibitors. I have found my favorites. It’s great!

Although more and more people came to visit CIFF (Shanghai), the business atmosphere seemed to be affected by the enormous size of the venue. Since the aisles in NECC are 12-meter wide as compared with 3-6 meters elsewhere, some exhibitors joked that each hall in NECC was like a plaza. One could even drive a tank inside. CIFF is not perfect, yet it will never be discouraged or boastful. Through constant improvement, it strives to be a servant for the industry. CIFF, as an exhibition of the people and for the people, will never stop fighting.